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Climate Fresk Program Started!

The month of June saw the first group of Pritex employees successfully complete our first Climate Fresk workshop.

The 3-hour workshops have been designed to allow participants to discuss and then link the causes and effects of climate change and better understand the systemic nature of the challenges we face.

Since June, 5 further groups have completed the workshop as part of a companywide initiative to deliver 100% employee participation by the end of 2024.

All of the workshops were delivered under the excellent guidance of Miren Him-Onate who trained specifically as a Climate Fresk Facilitator in order to deliver the program.

Gareth Jones, Managing Director commented, “I learned an enormous amount in the workshop that I attended, and they are proving to be an invaluable platform to enable our employees and the company to have an open and positive conversation about climate solutions. Miren has been doing a fantastic job in facilitating each of the sessions and there has been great engagement, commitment and feedback from the participants so far. I’m really looking forward to the rest of our colleagues completing their workshop. “