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Pritex Manufacturing Processes

Pritex has been manufacturing and converting foam and fibre products for over 60 years.

Every year we process more than 3000 Tons of polyurethane foam and 400 Tons of synthetic fibres for acoustics through our highly efficient vertically integrated factory.

With typically over 10,000 unique products live at any given time, and sales of over 20,000,000 parts per annum, lean and efficient production techniques are key to Pritex.

The flexibility inherent in our manufacturing systems ensures a wide scope of customer challenges can be met through speed and innovation and brought quickly to market.


Unique Materials

unique materials sample

With over 75 different grades of commonly converted foams and over 15 different grades of AcuLite core fibre there are a huge number of material combinations possible.


lamination sample

Pritex has a range of flat bed (thermal) and multi-roller laminators each suitable for differnet applications. From the application of PU-film based coatings, to the creation of AcuLite, lamination based operations form a core process of most Pritex's business.


welding image

Pritex employs two welding processes to produce finished parts - High Frequency welding and ultrasonic welding. Both techniques produce intricate finished parts with sealed edges either with or without self adhesive backing.


technical moulding

Pritex can perform both thermo-compression moulding and vacuum forming on fibre, foam and sheet media depending on the application. Finished assemblies incorporating the formed components are also produced.

Technical Conversion

technical conversion image

A wide range of technical processes are available for the conversion of raw materials, including profiling, CNC cutting, slitting and sizing.

Press Cutting

press cutting image

Pritex has a number of different presses for different applications. From traversing head high speed presses to fixed head large manual presses a wide range of materials and part designs may be accommodated.


lorry despatch

Pritex can supply individual parts boxed (in either returnable or single use packaging), sets of parts, palletised kits or consolidated loads either on a world-wide delivered or ex-works basis.