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Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Pritex is an established first tier supplier with over 20 years experience in the commercial vehicle sector.

We currently supply products into bus, coach and both light and heavy commercial vehicle markets. We provide unique light weight cost effective thermal and acoustic components, as well as innovative thermo-acoustic solutions which conform to all current and known forthcoming legislative requirements.

Pritex supplies a diverse range of components for use in engine compartments and passenger spaces. Many levels of product robustness are available to meet customer expectations. Finished components or materials can be developed and supplied to suit customer needs and application requirements.

Pritex is able to offer a wealth of experience and product knowledge to our customers for the benefit of their product development.


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Side & roof panels

Engine compartment panels

Engine compartment panelsRobust acoustic panels to complement or replace the chassis acoustic treatment. Wide range of acoustic parameters available, including the addition of heavy layer where passenger noise level reduction is of concern.

Side & roof panelsThermo acoustic insulation panels to maximise passenger acoustic comfort, as well as give better thermal control of the interior saloon space. Available in a range of flexible and semi-rigid material types.


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Engine side dash

Electronic insulation panels

Chassis absorbers

Engine side dashPritex’s unique high frequency welding capability means that very complex geometry acoustic engine-side dash components can be generated using low coast tooling, and with a short lead time.

Electronics insulationAcoustic parts with elevated heat resistance and thermal insulation, designed to protect sensitive electronic modules from becoming too hot in the under-bonnet environment.

Chassis absorbersChassis absorbers can be fitted behind trim panels or within the vehicle cills. Fully sealed against the ingress of moisture. 


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Engine compartment treatment


Engine compartment treatmentA large range of materials are available, suitable for the fitment on under-trays, bulkheads and the cab floor. Acoustic and thermo-acoustic products are available, with a wide range of fire resistance and physical robustness’s.

MattressesPritex is able to offer, in additional to the acoustic materials for operator comfort in the cabin space, form or spring-unit mattresses in a wide range of sizes. These may be supplied conventionally or rolled up, depending on customer preference.