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A leading manufacturer of foam and fibre insulation components for acoustic and thermo-acoustic applications

Pritex is a leader in the research, development and manufacture of acoustic and thermo-acoustic insulation products.

Our foam and fibre insulation technologies are found in diverse applications in a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Industrial and Comfort sectors. We understand our environmental responsibility at every step of the value chain and support our customers in their zero carbon roadmaps. Our products and solutions are developed by skilled and knowledgeable staff using our extensive on-site acoustic and materials laboratories.

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Bespoke acoustic solutions for all sectors

Acoustic control and comfort plays an increasingly important role in our lives. Throughout the world there is a growing emphasis upon quality of life, coupled with a responsibility to sustainably protect our environment for future generations.

Our expertise and proven capability in developing light-weight, high performance materials ensure Pritex customers can compete in global markets with the most effective and environmentally sustainable products.

Working in partnership with our customers over many decades, we have gained unique experience and knowledge of industry specific applications across multiple global market sectors. This acoustic expertise, production capability and our extensive test laboratories, ensure fast-track solutions can be developed for our customers. Rapid response prototype components are produced and rigorously tested on-site before the finished product is manufactured in our own plant to international quality standards.

These high performance solutions enable Pritex to support customers and to respond to ever changing practices and regulations, particularly in the area of the environment and sustainability.

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The Pritex advantage: first-class customer service

At Pritex we are dedicated to customer service. We respond quickly and effectively to any opportunity with highly skilled and knowledgeable staff. Our purpose is to add value for all our customers, whether at the R&D stage or in manufacture. Excellent service and innovative solutions are at the very heart of Pritex, backed by our quality and environmental credentials.

Our experience, materials knowledge and solutions-based mind-set – gained over many decades – are what drive our customer service forward. Regardless of your supply chain requirements, we aim to deliver a high quality and competitive product which complies with the specific supply requirements of customer.

Why do leading names trust Pritex?

Acoustic expertise

Decades of acoustic application expertise supported by a culture of continuous improvement remain key to our material benchmarking and innovation.

Environmental responsibility

Pritex helps reduce our customers overall environmental footprint with downstream solutions that have been developed to use materials with high recyclate content which can be recycled at End of Life. We actively work on curbing CO2 emissions from our production processes and developing solutions that reduce noise, vibration, weight and energy consumption for our customers.

Cost effective

Being part of a leading Global Manufacturing Group employing 167000 people, our broad material portfolio and wide variety of manufacturing processes ensure we can develop solutions for our customers at the lowest possible cost.

Fast response

Our comprehensive acoustic and material laboratories coupled with in-house tooling facilities ensure a fast response throughout our customers development cycles.

Pritex product ranges: versatility and performance

Our extensive product portfolio and wide variety of manufacturing processes ensure we can supply the most suitable solution for a wide variety of applications. With our proven acoustic technologies, we are able to adapt solutions and processes to support a wide-range of customer specific demands.

AcuLite is a range of high performance lightweight fibre based acoustic absorption material employed extensively throughout multiple sectors including the automotive industry as an interior trim insulation medium. Unlike many competitor materials which use 100% virgin material, the AcuLite range uses material with a high recyclate content typically up to 70%.

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AcuLite DUO is an innovative lightweight alternative to heavy mass layer providing both absorption and insulation. In addition, it offers considerable weight savings, typically 5 times lighter than traditional materials.

AcuZorb is a range of optimised lightweight foam based materials providing effective acoustic treatment. It can be used in a wide variety of harsh environments including industrial machines, automotive under-hood and wet under-chassis areas.

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TufZorb is a range of materials that provides a physically robust acoustic solution for heavy machinery and commercial vehicles.




Vehicle-wide lightweight acoustic/thermal insulation solutions including Electric Vehicle and battery applications throughout the automotive and transportation sectors.

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Innovative acoustic/thermal insulation materials for industrial applications – from heavy machinery, white goods, compressors to pumps/generators and small appliances.


Commercial vehicles

Acoustic and thermal insulation products for public transportation and the light and heavy commercial vehicle market including electrification applications




Full acoustic and thermo-acoustic prototype development and extensive product manufacturing capability and processes.

Test Facilities

Test Facilities

Complete product development and validation – Comprehensive acoustic and materials laboratories for product R&D, testing and customer collaboration.

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Technical Materials

Innovative class leading acoustic and thermal materials supplying complete component technologies and sustainable solutions for a wide range of applications.



Robust quality systems (ISO, IATF etc.) at the core of all our business operations are employed and supported by strong environmental credentials

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