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Technical Materials

Technical materials in acoustics

Pritex manufactures a wide range of class leading acoustic materials.
These in-house developed high performance materials are available in a very wide range of specifications to best suit the end application, ensuring a cost-effective noise reduction solution for the end customer. Pritex can supply converted technical raw materials, including

  • PS23 acoustic foam – with special low fogging properties for automotive use
  • NG24 PU-coat – acoustic foam laminate popular in the industrial acoustics sector – certified to meet UL94 HF1 flammability
  • Barrier foam – impregnated foam designed to meet the most stringent flammability requirements

Pritex has a wide range of finished component technologies, most popular in the automotive and white goods industries. These are identified under the three categories AcuLite, AcuZorb, and TufZorb. These finished components offer a wide range of presentation options including edge sealing, self adhesive backings, integration of clips, and moisture repellent facings. The in-house machine shop at Pritex ensures rapid and cost effective production and prototype tooling.


AcuLite is a range of high performance lightweight fibre based acoustic absorption material employed extensively throughout multiple sectors including the automotive industry as an interior trim insulation medium. Unlike many competitor materials which use 100% virgin material, the AcuLite range uses material with a finished part recyclate content typically greater than 70%.

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Top surface



Acu Lite Acoustic non-woven textile faceAcoustic non-woven textile face. Available in wide variety of different polymers (PET, PP, PA) and with a number of different treatments (to repel oil and water) depending on the application.

Acu Lite  Lofty polyester acoustic felt. Prtiex unique blends of staple fibres ensure class leading performance, with a range of handle from soft to stiff depending on the application.

Acu Lite BaseWide range of options for self adhesive systems including; paper or filmic backing, solid or striped gum pattern and differential adhesives. Adhesive technologies include solvent and water based acrylics and solvent based rubber. 


AcuZorb is a range of optimised lightweight foam based materials providing effective acoustic treatment. It can be used in a wide variety of harsh environments including industrial machines, automotive under-hood and wet under-chassis areas.

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Top surface



Acu Zorb Top SurfaceA wide range of facing depending on the required physical robustness, temperature rating and acoustic performance. Materials range from thermoplastic polyurethane films, to polyester films and non-woven textiles. 

Acu Zorb CoreA range of foams densities available, which can be configured with or without an internal heavy layer to enhance acoustic transmission loss.

Acu Zorb BaseA range of attachment methods are available, including paper backed acrylic self adhesive systems, mechanically attached clips, and also internal magnets. 


TufZorb is a range of materials that provides a physically robust acoustic solution for heavy machinery and commercial vehicles.

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Top surface



Tuf Zorb Top SurfaceRobust facings which can be configured as porous or fully sealed depending on the application. Woven glass facings available for the very best in flammability resistance and toughness.

Tuf Zorb CoreHigh resilience foams with excellent acoustic qualities, which can be configured with or without internal heavy layers depending on the acoustic requirement. Edge sealing processes also available. 

Tuf Zorb BaseA range of attachment methods available, including mechanical retaining clips and adhesive tabs.