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Industrial Sector

Pritex is an established acoustic partner with a wide portfolio of clients in the generator set, heavy earthmoving equipment and architectural acoustic markets among others.

Pritex’s range of knowledge and expertise, combined with our first class on-site acoustics facilities, has driven forward innovative cost-effective technologies in these sectors. Pritex supplies a wide range of thermal and acoustic products into these industries, both as finished components and sheet materials.

Using innovative acoustic materials Pritex produces components which are acoustically effective even down to 3mm thickness for applications of limited space.

This type of machinery generates considerable levels of noise and requires extensive acoustic treatment to meet both legislation and the operator’s requirements. Pritex is a leading supplier of cost-effective acoustic linings to this market, meeting the durability requirements for extreme climate conditions around the world.

Heavy Machinery

industrial heavy machinery

Engine compartment (AcsZob)

Engine compartment (TufBlok)

Bonnet and canopy liner

AcuZorb engnine compartment panelA wide range of Pritex AcsZorb parts are availble, with or without heavy layers. These can be machine finished (making sealed edges and varying thickness’ possible) or knife cut according to customer requirements.

Tuf Blok engine compartment Pritex TufBlok provides a resilient heat reflective self-adhesive damping medium. It remains flexible and robust even at low temperatures ensuring ease of fitment and no breakages during machine build.

Bonnet and canopy linerPritex TufZorb provides a resilient and dependable robust acoustic medium, indended for areas within a heavy machine of medium to high physical duty. It has a very wide span of acoustic absorption.

Generator Sets & Compressors


Generator sets/compressors (foams)

Generator sets/compressors (specialist materials)

Generator sets/compressors (foams)A wide range of acoustic foams are available depending on the acoustic requirements of the generator set and the level of fire resistance required. Many grades are available with different facings.

Generator sets/compressors (specialist materials)Specialist materials are also available to complement the kit of acoustic parts, such as leaf screens and filtration media, thermal insulation and edge sealed acoustic media for use on liuvre vanes. 

Small Appliances

industrial products

Domestic boiler

Vacuum cleaner

White goods

Domestic boilerA wide range of edge wrapped pressure integrity guaranteed foams are available, with inherent beneficial acoustic properties. (Foam panels shown in yellow)

Vacuum cleanerFiltration and acoustic media widely supplied. (Acoustic foam panel shown in yellow)

White goodsA wide range of AcuLite VFR and AcuLite HFR products are available in this market replacing traditional felts with more technical and higher performances AcuLite synthetic felts. (Panels shown in yellow)